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Karl-Gerd Jux

D - 41836 Hückelhoven - Heerstr. 21 - Telefon +49 (0) 2433 / 442950


Other consulting expertise:

  • Development and implementation of new business areas
    • What new services fit with the market?
    • Are there niche markets?
    • Are there logistical requirements from certain customers that are not yet known?
  • Benchmarking
    • Are your own products, services and operating procedures competitive with other companies?
  • Strategic planning
    Your strategic decisions are either consistent or inconsistent. In order to guarantee sustainable results, you must be consistent in your communication and strengthening of your corporate strategy restrictions. You must have the strength of will to concentrate on what you do best. The areas where you have no competition or similar advantages will be where you can develop a company that is significantly more stable and has long-term success.
  • Controlling
  • Personnel motivation
    The goal of the motivation must primarily be the identification of employees with the company as well as increased employee satisfaction.
    Motivation and persuasion with the help of an external consultant, e.g. for
    • company, as well as a stronger satisfaction of the employees.
    • Neutral advocacy of the staff with defined commitments of new company
    • structures or reorganisations.
  • Marketing
    • We orient your company to the current market situation.
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Karl-Gerd Jux


Introduction of new business segments.

Strategy planning

Unrivaled advantages for a significant steady and long term succesful enterprise.
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