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Karl-Gerd Jux

D - 41836 Hückelhoven - Heerstr. 21 - Telefon +49 (0) 2433 / 442950
available from May 15, 2020

Determination of basic knowledge and practical basics module sales


We are a top-level consulting firm for middle management active throughout Europe.

Our focus is on interim management, the consulting of logistics and industrial companies.

We have the relevant experience in the field of logistics and can thereby guarantee our customers corresponding support at the highest level and success in their continued positive business development.

Introducing foreign companies to Germany!

We make it possible to introduce foreign companies to Germany from the beginning of planning up to the actual branch or office. Even if you are not planning any branches, we can still represent you on the German market.

We can provide services to you for:

  • the right marketing measures,
  • management consulting,
  • personnel recruitment,
  • mergers
  • acquisitions
  • cooperations and
  • joint ventures.

Other possible services:

  • events,
  • conferences and
  • publishing in the German trade press.


Foto Karl-Gerd Jux
Karl-Gerd Jux

The world of logistics

Flexible with his own personnel management.


Expertise as an experienced manager in all functions.
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