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Karl-Gerd Jux

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New Objectives

Due to the rapidly changing markets and special customer requests, companies must be increasingly able to react flexibly with their own personnel management.

  • Losing managers results in unforeseen problems.
  • There are no resources available in lean management structures.
  • Temporary job offers are rejected by most applicants these days.

Temporary involvement by experienced managers is therefore indispensible.

The solution:

Managers and specialists from middle and top management are sought who

  • are available on short notice and demonstrate a high degree of mobility,
  • are highly motivated and are flexible in terms of time,
  • have a high degree of flexibility in terms of tasks,
  • can become accustomed to the tasks quickly without a long period of training,
  • can take over a planned site or
  • continue an ongoing project,
  • can lead, assign or create a new team, a team,
  • perform responsibly targeting objectives and results and
  • can be guaranteed to start working for the company quickly and without risk.
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Karl-Gerd Jux

Personel Management

Human resurces management short term availability as well as a high mobility.


Implementation for the enterprise without risks.
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