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A cooperation (a medium-sized cooperation in this context) is the interaction of the activities of two or more business partners.

A cooperation always leads to benefits for all participants. One single member shall therefore not derive more or all of the benefits from this cooperation in any case.

The cooperation forms an additional system. It forms a new system at a certain level in addition to the existing relationship. The cooperation partners expect conduct corresponding to the cooperation. This type of expectations can be negotiated and set as rights and obligations.

A cooperation that forms such a system can also arise between the participants without negotiation or higher compulsions.

The purpose of a medium-sized cooperation is the voluntary collaboration between businesses that remain legally independent. The participating companies therefore give up only a small part of their economic sovereignty voluntarily on the basis of trust.

A basic distinction can be made between two fundamental principles of the cooperation:

  1. 1.Cooperation in the field of resources whereby something new is created that is not possible by the individual members alone, e.g. obtaining new customer bases, joint appearance on the market, joint acquisition, scheduling, etc.
  2. 1.Cooperation in the field of synergy whereby the procedures are joined by the cooperation partners to achieve an optimizing effect (such as procurement effects, purchasing, savings in general).

This directly corresponds to the strategy of sustaining one's position in a difficult future environment.

The cooperation can take the following possible forms:

  • temporary joint venture,
  • interest group or
  • fixed corporate structure.

The cooperative tasks for the affected managers/proprietors and employees in a company that has entered into a cooperation provide an increase in their own awareness that should not be underestimated. An additional appreciation in value is also created. By recognizing this appreciation in value, the work performed by the company can even result in increased teamwork (soft skills) or other specialty and social skills.

In the field of practice, for example, that would mean:

The participants should be located throughout Germany and each member should offer a different range of services.

  • An own lorry fleet,
  • Own customers,
  • Offer a competitive range of services,
  • The will for serious collaboration and freight exchange in a cooperation with like-minded partners,
  • Medium-sized concept, group-independent, owner-managed.

This is very important so that the collaboration can become fruitful at all levels after just a short period of time.

If you are interested in this development, please contact me for a confidential consultation.

The result will be a positive development for your company with a corresponding strategy for a successful future.

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