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Karl-Gerd Jux

D - 41836 Hückelhoven - Heerstr. 21 - Telefon +49 (0) 2433 / 442950


We have expertise as experienced managers who have already handled great challenges and complex tasks in other roles.

It is especially important for us to have many years of experience in the industry and specialty fields in order to be able to quickly remedy any bottlenecks or other problems that arise.

It is difficult to hire managers because they are often not available on short notice due to the period of notice they must provide before leaving their current position.

The profile of interim managers

  • Forwarding companies.
  • Transport providers.
  • Logistics providers.
  • Commercial enterprises.
  • Industrial enterprises.


  • New and additional customer projects.
  • Internal bottlenecks during large projects.
  • Leave due to illness, injury or other unalterable events.
  • Filling in temporarily until the successor arrives.
  • Crisis management.
  • Neutral and correct handling of massive internal problems.


  • Clearly explained and temporary agreement without any further follow-up costs.
  • Professional assistance (also has an effect on your potential clients).
  • Improved image due to the decision to hire an interim manager.
  • Tremendous savings due to the lack of spending on job listings, personnel consultation, travel expenses, etc.
  • There is no financial risk because set agreements are reached.
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Karl-Gerd Jux

Conceptual formulations

Challenges and complex job definitions to solve problems with much experiences.


To solve problems with much experiences.
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